At Lorraine Fine Jewelry, we understand how deeply personal a piece of jewelry can be. That’s why we work hard to provide a customer-service experience focused on our clients’ unique needs and circumstances. Sometimes that means helping a customer find the perfect pre-existing gemstone jewelry waiting for her in our cases. Sometimes that means helping him design a completely custom ring to express his one-of-a-kind love for the lady in his life.

Custom Gemstone Jewelry

Our Gemstones

Each of our pieces of custom jewelry features a gemstone of the highest quality. We are proud to source only conflict-free color gemstones, and keep on hand the largest inventory of GIA-certified loose diamonds and colored gemstones in the United States. That means that clients can enter our store at any time and be sure to find the perfect gem to embody and reflect their dreams in a piece of custom gemstone jewelry.

You can also trust the quality of our gemstones. Since we have chosen to focus on color gemstones as our area of expertise and design, and we come from a forty-plus-year background of colored gemstone jewelry design, we have become experts in recognizing quality and advising you on the best setting for your custom gemstone jewelry, whether platinum or gold (14- or 18-karat) in white, rose, or yellow tones. 

Custom Gemstone Jewelry ring

Custom Gemstone Jewelry Design

Lorraine Fine Jewelry welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with our clients on a completely new and individual design. We will create a unique piece of jewelry just for you, according to your guidelines and dreams. 

Do you have a gorgeous stone in an antique setting that you inherited from a loved family member? We can work with you to revise the current setting or create a new one to bring the piece into the twenty-first century. 

Have you always had a clear vision of the exact piece of jewelry you want to express your personal style? Bring us your ideas and we will walk you through the whole process, from picking a loose stone, to designing the setting. Then our expert jeweler, Naim, will create a piece of custom gemstone jewelry that perfectly mirrors your dearest dreams and wishes. 

Do you love a piece on our website, but want a different stone or a change of metal, or an additional element from a different piece you also love? Come talk to us. We can either help you adjust the pre-existing piece or we can simply recreate it to your specifications, leading to the unique and custom gemstone jewelry you imagined. 

Our Guarantee

No matter what you are looking for, at Lorraine Fine Jewelry we guarantee that the results will be stunning and perfectly aligned to your wishes. We want to send our clients away from our store wearing the piece of custom gemstone jewelry that reflects their unique personality and beauty and lifestyle for all to see and appreciate. Contact us today if you want to get started discovering the gemstone with your name on it.