Color gemstones are often overlooked in the jewelry industry, but at Lorraine Fine Jewelry, we believe that this is a lost opportunity for each wearer to find a stone that perfectly mirrors their unique tastes, beauty, and personality. That’s why we are on a mission to introduce each of our clients to the color gemstone of their dreams. 

Maybe you’re a cool blue sapphire. Maybe a pure and vibrant emerald. Maybe the fiery ruby better represents your spicy personality. Or perhaps you can delve deeper into the fascinating realm of color gemstone jewelry, finding rarer stones like alexandrite, which changes colors in different light sources and thus expresses your inner mystery. Or maybe you appreciate the excitement of a watermelon tourmaline, which shifts from green to pink to white and back as you wear it. The list goes on, each stone an opportunity to express yourself in a unique and special way.

Our Color Gemstone Jewelry

Color Gemstone Jewelry: spinel

Naim and Lorraine choose each stone for each setting based on the philosophy that exquisite materials can express and inspire our best dreams and desires. Our jewelry takes shape around each individual stone. We do not mass-produce settings. Instead we examine the stone’s unique qualities - color, size, brightness, clarity, etc. - and let those guide our design process, including choice of stones and metals for the setting, the size of the piece, its destiny as a ring or pendant or bracelet. 

Additionally, we bring our clients’ influences into our designs as well. Whether we imagine the pieces that might suit women in different places in life - girlfriend, mother, wife, businesswoman, retiree, grandmother, etc. , or partner directly with a client to create the piece that she hoped for, we aim for statement pieces of color gemstone jewelry that can bring elegance to fancy occasions and daily living alike. 

Our Inspirations

Since we take such a personal approach to each piece of color gemstone jewelry that we create, we look for inspiration all around us. Nature, art, history, culture, fashion, and lifestyle all provide ideas for our designs. Likewise, our clients bring to us their own unique background of taste, experience, celebration, interests, and dreams to guide our process toward totally unique and custom creations. 

You may have noticed that all of our pieces sport the names of women - sometimes even queens and goddesses. This is because our biggest source of inspiration is the unique beauty that we see in every woman, no matter her age or background. Our goal as a jewelry design company is to celebrate you in the piece of color gemstone jewelry that we choose or create for you.

Choose the Color Gemstone for You

If you are wanting to find that color gemstone jewelry that suits your special, individual beauty, look no further. Lorraine Fine Jewelry has made it our mission to help clients like you with refined taste and a discerning eye. We can help you choose the perfect piece for any occasion or even just to wear every day. Explore our ring collection to get started or contact us to discuss a custom design opportunity.